We offer an integrated platform of drone and sensor hardware, flight and analytics software, and services for business.

Warehouse Management Drone  Solution 

The Drone solution for warehouse management and optimization is tailor made to fit any mainstream off-the-shelf drone to be immediately integrated to the enterprise Warehouse management System and the  ERP.
Our Solution has an immediate impact to operations, deliver, accuracy and speed. given low capital expenditure & infrastructure investments. The platform is easily Integrated with API’s and  make it easy for warehouse stakeholders to adopt autonomous drone fleets into enterprise workflows. 


More frequent cycle counts. Faster item search. Real-time inventory data. Shorter shut-downs.


Minimal human interaction. Real-time data transfer. Immediate impact on bottom line.


Stable drone navigation through narrow aisles. Improved accuracy of recognition and location.

Who We Work With

Warehouse owner-operators, system integrator, cargo-handling facilities, 3rd-party logistics companies, supply chain consultants, drone service providers & warehouse management system vendors.

Drones for Cycle Counting

To help warehouse stakeholders quickly start the journey to warehouse automation, Flytbase offers a cost-effective, go live option with a 2 week implementation time frame. The indoor autonomous navigation by flying a drone in an aisle at various height levels, and interpretation of captured data to map pallets to locations using bar-codes. is accurate from day one.


Get data, starting now. With turnkey flight software and the largest drone pilot network in the world, drone-based aerial intelligence is at your fingertips.

aerial intelligence unlock the potential warehouse management data

Inventory Reconciliation

Drone-based inventory inspection can directly reduce human errors and risks involved in counting items stored in hard-to-reach locations.

Cycle Counting

Revenue loss can be minimized by increasing the frequency of cycle counting, powered by repeatable, automated drone-based inventory counts.

Security & Surveillance

Drone missions for perimeter security can augment manual surveillance, resulting in affordable, reliable protection of human and capital assets.

Item Search

Order fulfillment, and accounting for missing/stolen items, can both benefit from drone-based search and recognition of items using standardized markers.

Empty & Full Slot Detection

Expensive warehouse real estate can be optimally used by drone-based detection of empty and full slots, thus improving operational metrics.

Inventory Audit

Annual inventory audits, that can take weeks to complete and result in long shut-downs, can be done much faster via 24×7 automated drone missions.


From the Leaders in Drone Data Technology


Fire & Rescue

Firefighter dedicate them self to save lives and face the dangers. but who will protect them? now with drones we can mitigate the risk to a great extent and have more insights of an incident.


it is humanly impossible to cover all the ground when doing security patrolling specially in remote and harsh conditions. with drones we will have many payloads to drive the data collection.


the proven fastest most accurate and most used domain of drones are for aerial mapping. its speed and coverage is unprecedented and will be so for a long time.


With human being more and more connected the expectations keeps getting high, speed of delivery is a chocking point, governments now relaxing and bringing controls for drone use delivery will be most lucrative

Aerial Photography

Views and areail dementions give breathtaking and stunning perspective to commercial, movies and insights. and drones help in many ways.

Aerial Data

In a data addicted ere, aerial data is the third eye. this bridges the gap of ground feedback and statistic to the net level for many industries and domains

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