About Us



The history and mystery  of Ministry  Drones is a story of friendship, tenacious innovation, and true passion for aviation. It’s also a story about tough lessons learnt – Ministry of Drones’ greatest strength – and how we’ve brought together all the best technologies, experiences and ideas to put them together so that everyone can innovate and make use of drones. 

Ministry of Drones founder, developed his love of aviation as a young child. always looking into the sky an tracking the flights and trying to find more insights. Hours spent conceptualizing how drones will help and how it will be misused in the future and how can we mitigate them was a constant in his head. And he started to get tech guys to build UAV’s and drones for his testing of ideas. 

He knew since year 2000 that he wanted to make a mark in aviation, eventually he tried and failed to earning his pilot’s license or going on to engineering school. yet he didn’t give-up he worked with his good friend on a project that involved indoor flying drone for, testing, flying, and selling to a cargo company and failed and nearly lost the company because of the investments not paying off.

But today having a total end to end warehousing solution and drones to fit many industries he is having hope to make a impact to the whole world with his ideas from this small island nation.

In 2019 and beyond, ministry of Drones continue to offer best in class R&D, manufacturing, sales, service and a strong marketing footprint across 3 countres. The mission? To transform customer needs into effective, efficient, end-to-end system using UAV’s.

What began as a shared passion and a bet among friends is now a top international player, providing long-flying, cost-cutting, time-saving, precision-measuring, weather-resisting drones to the commercial markets and governments. All of these qualities – plus a proven track record of performance and customer service – are why more and more professional users are choosing a safe bet with Ministry of Drones.

Partners we take pride in

Flytbase - USA

The collaboration with Ministry of Drones and FlytBase, Inc, USA  makes it a very impotent  mile stone for Drones in private sector. Through the collaboration  we MOFD  in Sri Lanka and development team in India  will be able to harness domain and technological  best practices from Flytbase. Flytbase having customers across the world, FlytBase’s autonomous drone technology has been used for outdoors as well as indoor use-cases. Leverage our Internet of Drone platform, with the ability to deploy intelligence at the edge & on the cloud – this partner with Flytbase and MofD will  serve the commercial drone market.  Access our technical documentation, APIs, robotics & automation expertise, platform road-map & more.

Digital Eagle

One of the few high-tech companies that have
independently developed UAV flight control systems and UAV counter technologies.
The Digital Eagle Technology Group currently has R&D bases in Wuxi in Jiangsu
Province, and production bases in Yancheng,Anhui and Qingdao. The main functions
of Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. include the development of related
technology research and development of UAVs. The business covers drones policing
assistance, fire fighting, aerial photography, power line inspection, agroforestry
spraying, national land mapping, security monitoring, oil pipeline inspection, forest
and urban fire prevention, maritime inspection, emergency response, geological
control, etc…
Digital Eagle has four series of unmanned aerial vehicles: YFT, YM, AK and CZ which
together represent more than 10 products; YPO series of photoelectric POD and PTZ
camera; QR series of unmanned aerial vehicle interference equipment.
They can be used for agricultural plant protection, aeronautical mapping, circuit and
pipeline inspection, patrol surveillance,firefighting and other functions to meet all
customers’ needs.